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SDDC Adoption Best Practices

Advice gleaned from migrating more than 500 servers to a modernized SDDC Business need At Secureworks, a Dell Technologies company, we built a lab over a 15-year period that contained more than 500 physical and virtual servers. Our software development teams use the lab daily to design, develop, test and deploy critical applications to protect our customers. Due to company growth and expansion and with minimal interruption to the teams that use the lab daily, we needed to relocate the lab across the country to our new Software Defined Data Center (SDDC). We were given 90 days to complete the move. Here we share what we did to meet the deadline, to work with other teams and to garner support from management. CIO.COM article Best Practices Inform Stakeholders Set Expectations Help Teams Daily Progress Planning Preparing for Server Migration

Top 12 most effective ways to ask someone to do something

Want to be more effective at driving results? Tailor your requests and your method of communicating them to significantly improve the quality of the response you receive while also reducing the time you wait to receive them. Top 12 most effective ways to ask someone to do something Whenever possible, create and maintain relationships before you need them. When your request is to someone who knows and trusts you, the request is less likely to be treated as a one-time transaction vs. as a discussion to determine how to get you what you need. One of my best work relationships is with someone where our first conversation was at 3am due to an emergency. He didn't understand where I was coming from, and I didn't understand his perspective, making it quite a heated discussion about how many people on each of our teams to wake up in the middle of the night to work an issue. After the emergency was over we both intentionally worked to create and then over time maintain a relatio