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Cracking A Global Tech Career ft Wayne Haber (Director of Engineering, GitLab) from Uplers

This session discussed GitLab's technical interview process including taking a coding test to assess skills and discussing the approach, followed by a system design discussion and interviews focused on alignment with GitLab's remote-first culture and values like transparency and collaboration. It emphasized having the required skills, contributing to open source, researching the company, and showing interest in GitLab specifically. It also covers being transparent about gaps in knowledge, unlearning some behaviors from past companies, and focusing on results over hours worked. Lastly it covers GitLab's thorough on boarding process. The talk also provided tips for those switching to a career in tech and succeeding in remote tech roles including taking coding bootcamps and contributing to open source projects. Summary of what was covered Review GitLab's open job listings and handbook when applying. Confirm job posts are legitimate/direct from company. Submit a resume and

SankeyMATIC visualization of my merge request trends over the last four years

To commemorate my 4th anniversary at  GitLab  and my ❤️ for data visualizations (inspired in par t r/DataIsBeautiful subreddit) and my interest in learning new things, I used GitLab's Code Suggestions AI to assist me in writing a small Python script to download and trend all merge requests I created and then used SankeyMATIC to create a visualization of them.

Podcast: Showing Vulnerability as a Leader | A Conversation With Wayne Haber | Tech Done Different Podcast

Episode Description Our guest Wayne Haber, the Director of Engineering at GitLab. Talks about everything from where attackers get their motivation to why showing your team your vulnerabilities is healthy for everyone. You’ll Learn How to make #remotework most effective for you and your team Why we need to change our expectations on instant response for ourselves and our team members How a large company like GitLab works to keep attackers from using their services in malicious ways Why  servant leadership is so important inside and outside of business Learn from the people you lead everyday When you are vulnerable as a leader it will show your team they can do the same Why when you want to make a change in your company it’s so important to bring the data to support your position Podcast Tech Done Different