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Continuous Change Management

Presentation on continuous change management: Continuous change management refers to making frequent changes to products and systems in a controlled manner. It aims to maximize the number of successful changes while minimizing risks. Continuous change management has several benefits, like improved time to market, higher quality, lower costs, and better collaboration. Research shows it leads to better organizational performance. Struggling organizations often have manual change approval processes, external security approvals, and fixed deployment schedules. Successful organizations have automated change management, shift security left, and build safety harnesses. GitLab practices continuous change management with merge trains, trunk-based development, error budgets, feature flags, A/B testing, and incremental rollouts. They aim to make changes easy, simple, safe, and secure. To transition to continuous change management, organizations should establish a vision, plan, ident

How GitLab hires Engineers

In the rapidly evolving tech industry, companies like GitLab seek talented engineers who can contribute to our success.  One of the focuses is on Ruby on Rails development.  GitLab has developed a comprehensive hiring process to attract and select the best candidates for our engineering teams. In this blog post, we will explore GitLab's approach to hiring engineers and the steps involved in our selection process. Recording Summary Meet Wayne Haber - GitLab's Director of Engineering: Heading various portions of GitLab's engineering initiatives and teams, Wayne Haber is a servant leader and leads teams in Growth, Security, Governance, Machine Learning, and Anti-abuse. With his experience and expertise, Wayne plays a crucial role in shaping GitLab's engineering culture and ensuring the company hires exceptional talent. The Hiring Process at GitLab: GitLab follows a systematic approach to hiring engineers, ensuring candidates are thoroughly evaluated at every stage while en