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A readme...for me.

Selected excerpts from   I’m a veteran of three successful startups and have experience in multiple areas including healthcare, finance, and security. I subscribe to servant-leadership Learning is very important to me. I read approximately one book a week and take one Udemy class a month. I subscribe to the philosophy of “saying what you are going to do and doing what you say”. I am an advocate of remote-work due to it being highly effective (on many levels) for both the company and for the individual. At work, nothing makes me happier than when: A user benefits from a change developed by my team A prospect becomes a customer because of a feature developed by my team A team member learns something new and expands their horizons A process or procedure or technology is improved that benefits the overall company, team members, or the technology industry as a whole I use this 1-1 format I do skip-level meetings with t

How to become indistractable in order to focus on what is truly important!

Image I quite enjoyed “Indistractable” by Nir Eyal.  It was an insightful analysis on determining and spending time on what is important, theories around how to do so, and practical tips on how to accomplish your goals. Favorite quote Most people don’t want to acknowledge the uncomfortable truth that distraction is always an unhealthy escape from reality. How we deal with uncomfortable internal triggers determines whether we pursue healthful acts of traction or self-defeating distractions.   Quick summary It is essential not only to focus on the right things but also to determine triggers and take actions to stop doing the wrong things.  Often doing the wrong things is driven by the need to lower discomfort rather than intentionally choosing them.  It can also significantly help to label yourself as having and being able to have a high amount of self-control (avoiding the self-fulfilling prophecy).  Our time is often unguarded.  Protect it from u