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Wayne Haber

Tenacious and empathetic engineering leader who achieves impressive business results via driving innovative solutions while propelling teams to level up their skills and capabilities.

How to collaborate with Wayne

  • I subscribe to servant-leadership
  • Continuous learning is fundamental to me. I devour books like Joey Chestnut eats hotdogs.
  • I subscribe to the philosophy of “saying what you are going to do and doing what you say.”
  • I am an advocate for remote work because it is highly effective for both the company and the individual.
  • At work, nothing makes me happier than when:
    • A user benefits from a change developed by my team
    • A prospect becomes a customer because of a feature developed by my team.
    • A team member learns something new and expands their horizons
    • A process or procedure, or technology is improved that benefits the overall company, team members, or the technology industry as a whole
  • I prefer to use this 1-1 format
  • Some of my favorite business books include:
  • I am in Atlanta, GA, USA (Eastern US).
  • I am most productive in the morning.
  • When reaching out to me, my preferences are to reach out to me on LinkedIn if you don't know me, Slack or email if you do
  • I always try to explain the “why". Engineers are often asked to focus on the “what” and “how”.  However, explaining the "why" makes sure they are engaged and also enables the engineers to find better ways to achieve the goals.

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