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Hiring best practices for engineering managers

I added a number of ideas to GitLab's hiring best practices:  Hiring best practices for engineering managers. GitLab engineering recruiting video, featuring yours truly.

GitLab is now a member of the OWASP Foundation

Author: Wayne Haber Cross-posted from: GitLab Blog GitLab is thrilled to announce our membership in the OWASP Foundation . OWASP is a non-profit that works to improve the security of software through open-source projects, worldwide local chapters, tens of thousands of members, and educational/training conferences. We leverage OWASP to help provide security features integrated into the development lifecycle via the Secure stage and defending your apps and infrastructure from security intrusions via the Defend stage . We also leverage OWASP on our security team who are responsible for the security posture of the company, products, and client-facing services. ...

My favorite excerpts from the Unicorn Project

My favorite excerpts from The Unicorn Project: A Novel about Developers, Digital Disruption, and Thriving in the Age of Data Maxine loves coding and she’s awesome at it. But she knows that there’s something even more important than code: the systems that enable developers to be productive, so that they can write high-quality code quickly and safely, freeing themselves from all the things that prevent them from solving important business problems. Ward Cunningham : ‘Technical debt is what you feel the next time you want to make a change.’ Edward Deming: ‘A bad system will beat a good person every time.’ The Five Ideals The First Ideal—Locality and Simplicity The Second Ideal—Focus, Flow, and Joy The Third Ideal—Improvement of Daily Work The Fourth Ideal—Psychological Safety The Fifth Ideal—Customer Focus