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Zoom meeting best practices

  My Zoom meeting best practices (also now in my engineer read me): If I don't have my video feed on, it is likely because I am listening but multitasking (working on something, doing something at home, etc) and I don't want those other activities to be distracting to the meeting attendees. I will sometimes use the Zoom emoji feature rather than interrupting the speaker to express my feedback on something. I find that this allows me to provide feedback without interrupting whoever is speaking. I am working on interrupting people less, slowing down my pace, and pausing more often. This is to increase the clarity of what I am communicating while also increasing my emotional intelligence. I am getting real-time feedback on this via a system called Poised . In particular, rather than interrupting a speaker when I have something to say, I am trying to indicate that via non-verbal communication via video. Photo by iyus sugiharto on Unsplash  

My notes on No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention

  Summary Value people over process Emphasize innovation over efficiency Minimize controls Talent density Talented people make one another more effective. High performers thrive where talent density is high. Adequate performers: Sap manager’s energy Reduces the quality of discussions Cause others to work around them Drive people who seek excellent to quit Show the team that the leader accepts mediocrity Jerks, slackers, and sweet people with non-stellar performance, or pessimists on the team will bring down the performance of everyone. Feedback Put feedback on the agenda of every one on one meeting. Don’t just ask for feedback, but show your team it is expected. Clarify the difference between being selflessly candid vs being a brilliant jerk Don’t seek to please your boss, seek to do what is best for the company. Innovation cycle: Farm for descent Test out big ideas Make your bet If it succeeds, celebrate. If it fails, sunshine it (learn from it and make it transparent so others can

AMA : Transparency - A core value at GitLab

  I did an AMA on "Transparency - A core value at GitLab" with PlatoHQ.  What a fun discussion!