My notes on No Rules Rules: Netflix and the Culture of Reinvention



  • Value people over process
  • Emphasize innovation over efficiency
  • Minimize controls

Talent density

Talented people make one another more effective. High performers thrive where talent density is high.

Adequate performers:
  • Sap manager’s energy
  • Reduces the quality of discussions
  • Cause others to work around them
  • Drive people who seek excellent to quit
  • Show the team that the leader accepts mediocrity
Jerks, slackers, and sweet people with non-stellar performance, or pessimists on the team will bring

down the performance of everyone.


Put feedback on the agenda of every one on one meeting.

Don’t just ask for feedback, but show your team it is expected.

Clarify the difference between being selflessly candid vs being a brilliant jerk

Don’t seek to please your boss, seek to do what is best for the company.

Innovation cycle:

  • Farm for descent
  • Test out big ideas
  • Make your bet
  • If it succeeds, celebrate. If it fails, sunshine it (learn from it and make it transparent so others can also learn)
  • Ask for feedback in terms of “start, stop, and continue”

"Candor is like going to the dentist. Even if you encourage everyone to brush daily, some won’t do it.

Those who do may still miss the uncomfortable spots.

A thorough session every six to twelve months ensures clean teeth and clear feedback.”


“Lead with context, not control” - Leslie Kilgore

Be highly aligned, but loosely coupled.


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