Zoom meeting best practices

 My Zoom meeting best practices (also now in my engineer read me):

  1. If I don't have my video feed on, it is likely because I am listening but multitasking (working on something, doing something at home, etc) and I don't want those other activities to be distracting to the meeting attendees.
  2. I will sometimes use the Zoom emoji feature rather than interrupting the speaker to express my feedback on something. I find that this allows me to provide feedback without interrupting whoever is speaking.
  3. I am working on interrupting people less, slowing down my pace, and pausing more often. This is to increase the clarity of what I am communicating while also increasing my emotional intelligence. I am getting real-time feedback on this via a system called Poised. In particular, rather than interrupting a speaker when I have something to say, I am trying to indicate that via non-verbal communication via video.

Photo by iyus sugiharto on Unsplash 


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